About Tedarla Properties 

Tedarla Properties Inc. was created in 2005.

We are a member of NARPM, National Association of Property Management.

Besides advertising our property management service to the public we also cater to other Real estate professionals.

Whether it’s an investor or a homeowner, we visit with the owners of properties to discuss Tedarla Property Management, its history its management process and success.

From documenting everything about the property to calculating the monthly rent amount and everything in between, we want to show our clients that they have picked a qualified property management company to manage their investment.

We also explain the process of finding a qualified tenant for their property. We use online services to check credit, employment, and rental history along with other verifications to best assure we have a well-qualified tenant.


A Letter from Ted

In 1997 I became a real estate broker, buying and selling for my clients. As my client base grew and out of necessity to take care of my customer’s property management needs, I started to offer property management services. In 2005 Tedarla Properties was created. Many people ask me, where does the name come from?

Tedarla is a combination of the names Ted and Darla (my wonderful wife) who without her love and support this company would have never been created. Darla and her staff take care of all the financial aspects of Tedarla Properties Inc.

Back to my story,

Being new in this area of real estate, I got deeply involved in education and training. It was clear that this service was in high demand and as I did with my buy and sell clients, I wanted to provide the very best service. I had previous experience using a property management company and experienced how I did not want our new company to be run. That experience taught me many rights and wrongs well before I created Tedarla Property Management.

Property management is constantly evolving which requires constant continued education for all staff. Proper training is a must. We belong to an organization known as NARPM (National Association of Property Managers). They are dedicated to the education of property managers throughout the US and in my opinion, they are key to a successful property management organization.

The first thing I knew was that I wanted to take care of my clients’ investments the way I took care of my own. I wanted my owners to believe in my style of management and trust me to take care of their asset.

I treat all my clients’ properties as if they were mine. This means you have to keep an eye on things. Be proactive. You learn many ways to do this over time.

As we grew my clients realize when you give a qualified tenant a clean home to live in most will take care of it.

One key of many is being available to all your clients and tenants. It’s important upfront to explain to the tenant how to reach out making it easy for them by email or portal system or calling us directly. If you don’t have a relationship with them first thing and explain the process chances are they’re not going to call you when they really need to. Again, communication between tenant and property manager is paramount. Always have open communication with your tenants. If they know you’re there for them, they’re more apt to contact you when they need you. Helping them understand that both they and we have responsibilities and when both sides take care of their obligations is the best for all.

I spent a lot of time talking about tenants here however they are just one piece of the puzzle.

The work that goes on behind the scenes can make or break any property management company. Each state has its own rules on how to take care of the property owner and tenant. We try to be as transparent as possible and follow all Colorado Real estate rules and regulations

As Tedarla Property management grew we implemented tools to help us become more efficient. From learning as much about a new rental property as you can to figuring out what the proper monthly rent will be, to all the other necessary steps in properly managing a property there must be a process.

We have been using an online system for many years now which allow our tenants to pay their rent online and communicate with us with any questions or repair requests. This is a very important part of our management system. It also provides a link to our property owners to see progress and to track all expenses.

There’s so much to be said about Tedarla property management. The best way to learn more is to contact me directly or one of my property managers. We are very fortunate to have a caring staff that looks after everyone involved with us.




Our Services


We use an online portal to accept payments from our tenants and to process maintenance requests.


We advertise in multiple online locations as well as with traditional signs at the property to find the best qualified tenants for our properties.


We treat your property as if it were our own, and understand that good communication is the foundation for great relationships.


Determining the right price is the key to keeping vacancy rates low. Contact us today for your free Rental Price Analysis!!

Our Property Managers

Ted Peterson

Ted Peterson

Broker Owner / Property Manager


Ted is a Veteran of the US Air Force, where he was an air traffic controller prior to becoming a Real Estate Broker in 1997. He has lived in Denver for more than 35 years, where he and Darla raised their two girls. Whether helping a Client buy or sell their house or managing their rental investment, taking care of his customers is his top priority.

Stephanie Crookston

Stephanie Crookston

Property Manager


Logan Crookston

Logan Crookston

Maintenance Manager


Darla Peterson

Darla Peterson